The Lord Peter Wimsey Mailing List (LordPeter) was created in September 1998. Hosted by Yahoo!Groups, the list has just over 1,000 members and is growing daily. Below you'll find a lot of information, but if you're a new member (or an old one), it's essential that you review all of it. We don't make exceptions for anyone.

Subscription Information

We're hosted by Yahoo!Groups, so you'll need go to the Yahoo!Groups website and do it. You will have to have a Yahoo ID in order to --here's some information about how to go about getting a Yahoo ID and linking it to your existing email address (you do not have to use Yahoo Mail in order to to receive messages--that's one of the biggest misconceptions about the Yahoo ID requirement). After you've linked your email address to your ID, you can sign into Yahoo!Groups and head over to the page for LordPeter and sign up. LordPeter is a restricted list, but the approval process is minimal--it's mainly there to weed out spambots; you'll be added within 24 hours. (It can take up to 24 hours for a moderator to get to the request and for the database to update. Do not panic if you are not immediately added.)

We cannot assist you with linking your email address(es) to a Yahoo ID--you have to do it for yourself.

A note for those of you who read the list via the web or in digest form: please take a few minutes to check out Peg Duthie's (Sylvia Marriott) digest tips--there's a lot of good information there for everyone, in fact.

Reading Schedule

The current read-through schedule can always be found on the Yahoo page.

Occasionally, it can be found on the schedule page on this site.

We use a series of abbreviations in order to save typing time--here's the list.

General Posting Guidelines

Due to the increasing size of the list (over 1,000 at this writing), a few general guidelines have been put into place. We strongly encourage everyone to review these guidelines. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a post, feel free to contact a moderator for clarification and/or assistance.

By joining LordPeter, you have agreed to abide by our code of conduct. Repeated failure to do so after warnings will result in your membership being terminated.

Please read the following carefully. We have very few rules here, but we appreciate every member obeying them.

Intellectual Property Notice: All posts, files, and information/ideas posted or archived at remain the intellectual and actual property of the original author and may not be shared or forwarded without their expressed written permission. Individuals found deliberately violating this policy will be removed from the list and permanently banned. In other words, what is written for the LordPeter list stays within the confines of the list unless you have written permission to republish or publicly share it elsewhere.

This site may be useful for those looking for more information about copyright: 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained


The tradition of taking noms for discussion purposes seems to have started on the DOROTHY-L mystery discussion list,where, for fun, members take the names of mystery-related characters and use them to sign their posts. This tradition has been continued by HOUNDS-L, the Sherlockian discussion group, and RUSS-L, the Laurie R. King discussion group. Shortly after LordPeter was founded, we decided that we'd use noms as well.
Here are a few basic guidelines for nom use:
The person in charge of approving all noms is Sarah Novak (Mrs Goodacre). To find out the availability of a nom and to register the nom of your choice, email her via the list owner address at

There is a noms database at Yahoo!Groups (you may have to log in to access it). Please do not add noms to the database yourself.

Also, if you currently have a nom and are planning on permanently unsubscribing from the list, do let the Noms Magistra know, so she can add the nom back to the pool. Also, if you know that your absence will be temporary, let her know that so she doesn't assume you've left permanently and let someone else snag your nom.

Related Yahoo!Groups

LordPeter has also spawned a few other sub-lists, mostly dedicated to the discussion of specific authors. They're all located at Yahoo!Groups. Some of these groups do require membership in LordPeter, while others are open to the public.

DorothyLSayers: For discussion of Sayers's non-Lord Peter works, including her religious writings and essays. (membership in LP not required)

LordPeterVideo: a group devoted to the circulation of tapes of the various television adaptations of the Corpus

LordPeter- Projects: discussion list for the participants of various list projects. Membership in this group is limited to current project participants, as well as the moderators of LordPeter.

Shared Files and Links at Yahoo!Groups

Many listmembers have uploaded files to the shared files area at Yahoo!Groups. These files contain a wide variety of information, including illustrations, maps, floor plans, poems based upon our noms, and fan fiction.

There is also a collection of links that may be found to be useful.

Note: I am not sure if you can go directly to those sections of Yahoo!Groups from here or if you need to be signed into you Yahoo!Groups and proceed from there..

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