Publication Order

All books which feature Lord Peter Wimsey in order of first publication.
Whose Body? (1923)
Clouds of Witness (1926)
Unnatural Death (1927) (orginally published as The Dawson Pedigree)
The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club (1928)
Lord Peter Views The Body (1928)
Strong Poison (1930)
The Documents in the Case (1930) (non-Lord Peter Wimsey novel that Sayers wrote with Robert Eustace)
The Five Red Herrings (1931) (First published in the US as Suspicious Characters>
Have His Carcase (1932)
Murder Must Advertise (1933)
Hangman's Holiday (1933)
The Nine Tailors (1934)
Gaudy Night (1935)
Busman's Honeymoon (1937)
In The Teeth of the Evidence (1939)
"The Wimsey Papers" (1939-41) (How to get them.)
Striding Folly (1972)
Lord Peter (1972) (Collection of all short stories)
Thrones, Dominations (1998) (completed by Jill Paton-Walsh)
A Presumption of Death (2003) (written by Jill Paton-Walsh)
The Attenbury Emeralds (2010) (written by Jill Paton-Walsh)