Sidelights on Sayers

Sidelights are available to members of the Dorothy L. Sayers Society by writing to the archivist at the address below.

These are collections of articles, by Philip Scowcroft and others, which show, with full references, how Sayers deals, in her fiction, with various aspects of contemporary life.

Out of print items (O/P) are available at 10P per page

Volumes are £1.50 each, where still in print, up to vol. XXXIII. Each volume is separately priced for later volumes.

"The Wimsey Papers" can also be obtained from this source.

All information on this page kindly provided by Francine and Wayne Swift (Miss Burrows and Mr Ingleby).

Volume I (O/P)
Music and DLS; Railways; Cricket; Claret and Canaries (the Law); Wimsey's War; Air Travel; Other peoples' Detectives.

Volume II (O/P)
Hotels and Public Houses; Buses and Trains; Wimsey's Travels; Photography and DLS

Volume III (O/P)
Introduction by Ralph L. Clarke
2LO Calling! (wireless); Sports and Games; Wimsey the Historian; The Telephone; Newspapers and Journalism; dating The Five Red Herrings

Volume IV (O/P)
Introduction by Barbara Reynolds
Ships, Boats and Harbours; Lord Gorell, Wimsey prototype?; Aftermath of Arrest; Clocks and Watches; The Cinema; The Theatre; LPW's Mistress

Volume V (O/P)
Real Events; Sherlock Holmes; Cycles; Calumny of two wheeled transport

Volume VI
Introduction by Catherine Aird
Firearms; Popular Music; Animals; Prices & Incomes; Policemen

Volume VII
Introduction by H R F Keating
The Weather; Other Authors; Was DLS a Racist?; Dating the Short Stories;

Volume VIII
Introduction by James Brabazon
British Industry; Children; Letters, Telegrams and the Post Office; Holidays; The British Scene

Volume IX (O/P)
Introduction by P D James
Heating & Lighting; LPW, Harriet and Education; Domestic Servants; Cars

Volume X
Introduction by Jessica Mann
Real People; Foreigners; Shrewsbury College; Food & Drink

Volume XI
Introduction by Alzina Stone Dale
Salvation Army; Real Blood; The London Underground; Wimsey and the Weed; Central and Local Government; Clothes and Lord Peter; Furnishing

Volume XII (O/P)
Introduction by Rosamund Sprague
Monty Egg's Beat; Dating the Egg Stories; Profile of Monty Egg; Busman's Honeymoon, Play and Novel compared; Lord Peter - Clubman; A Garden is a Lovesome Thing; Shopping with Sayers

Volume XIII
Introduction by Lyle Dorset
Redheads; Hairdressing; Espionage; Proper Names; The Work and Women

Volume XIV
Introduction by Ralph Hone
Cambridge; Science; Wimsey's London; Artists

Volume XV
Introduction by Catherine Kenney
Dating The Nine Tailors; Oxford Musical Institutions; The Dating of the Engagement; Sayers' Radio Crime Play; Harriet Vane's Birthday; Divorce; Spectacles and Jewellery; Maps, Plans and Diagrams

Volume XVI
Introduction by Geoffrey Lee
Christmas with Wimsey; Imitations of Sayers; Finance and Taxation; Shrewsbury College Dons; Hospitals; Serial Characters

Volume XVII
Introduction by Carolyn Heilbrun
Honeymoon House Talboys; Sayers' Alter Egos; The Guests at the Wedding; Harriet Vane

Volume XVIII
Introduction by Stephan Clarke
Cosmetics; Arnica and Aspirin; Sayers' Villains; The Smallest Room; Wimsey's Railway Journeys; Buildings

Volume XIX
Introduction by Christopher Dean
Royalty and the Wimseys; Childrens' Amusements: The Attenbury Case; The Topography of Have His Carcase; DLS, Humorist; The Wit of DLS

Volume XX
Introduction by Trevor Hall
Driving and Harriet Vane, Roads and Bridges, Yorkshire, France; Sex, Class War, Shrewsbury College Undergraduates

Volume XXI
Introduction by Barbara Hendershot
Gazetteer; Archaeology; LPW thriller fan; Kent; Pubs in The Five Red Herrings

Volume XXII
Introduction by Janet Rudolph
Check list of characters; The Police Procedure novel; Use of Classic Quotations

Volume XXIII
Introduction by Colleen Gilbert
Handwriting; USA; LPW's Flat; Forsyte Saga; The Short Storey; Check list of Fictitious Titles; Commercial Vehicles

Volume XXIV
Introduction by Ruth Youngberg
Women's Fashions; Tennis; Bellona Club; Cross references

Volume XXV
Introduction by Geoff Bradlev
The Canon and the Cloth: Non-Conformity; Real life Crime; Colour in Sayers' fiction

Volume XXVI
Introduction by Marion Gower
LPW Bibliophile; Wimsey's Library; Music inspired by DLS; Lord Peter Navigator; The Medical Profession; Fictional Drama

Volume XXVII
Introduction by Christine Simpson
Birds; Banks; Armed Forces; Age of Dons; Homosexuality; Hobbies; History

Introduction by Norah Lambourne
Motoring; Gilbert and Sullivan; Dancing; Golf; Origins; Ludicrously Snobbish?; Around the Country

Volume XXIX
Introduction by Nicholas Utechin
Shrewsbury College and Somerville by G E Lee; LPW's Birthday; Bunter; Wedding Bells; Flats; Celtic Fringe; Time Span; Prisons; Inquests

Volume XXX
Introduction by Ralph Clarke
Whose Body? Clouds of Witness; Unnatural Death The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club; Strong Poison; Have His Carcass; Murder Must Advertise; Busman's Honeymoon; Gaudy Night

Volume XXXI
Introduction by Barry Pike
Crosswords and LPW; LPW Man of Business; War Service of Viscount St George; Helen Simpson; The English Village; Sayers' Unchronicled Cases; LPW's Physical Features; Flowers and Trees in Sayers' Fiction

Volume XXXII
Introduction by Neville Osmond
A Bibulous Business by Geoffrey Noble; Pym's Publicity: Branded Goods and Sayers; Crockery and Glassware; The Gramaphone.

Volume XXXIII (£2.00)
Introduction by Barbara Reynolds
Naming of LPW by E Trembley; Nicknames in Sayers' Fiction; LPW Speedster; Books as aid to LPW's Detection; LPW Man-about-Town or Country Gentleman?; Bloodsports and Wimsey; LPW and Watering Places

Volume XXXIV (£2.00)
Introduction by G Noble
Four Viewpoints in Detective Writing; Revelation of Whodunit; What happened later? DLS' Introduction; Gaudy Night and real events; Cloud-Cuckooland Honeymoon; Chronological Difficulties

Volume XXXV (£2.00)
Introduction by Jasmine Simeone
Deacon's Battle - Aisne or Marne? by G Noble & P Scowcroft; The Woman Detective in Fiction; Bedroom Wear and Sayers; Music and H Vane; Children's Literature; Museums and Art Galleries

Volume XXXVI (£2.00)
Introduction by E Bushell
Bloomsbury Residents; More about Charles Parker; Wilvercombe Conspirators; Day at the Races; Dreams and Wimsey; Tipping; Armistice Day Remembrance; Light Blue and Dark; Public Schools

Volume XXXVII (£2.00, O/P)
Introduction by Barbara Reynolds
The Milligan Papers by Mark & Lynn Venrick; The Wicks Correspondence; Checklist of Churches; Sunday Observance; 110a Piccadilly - A Service Flat?; Allusions to the Oracle; Echoes of the Moonstone; Letter forwarded by Professor Catherine Kenney

Volume XXXVIII (£2.00)
Introduction by Liz Gilbey
Farming in Sayers' fiction; Chapter Titles and Headings; General Fentiman; Midnight Oil; Wimsey and Strong Drink; Cocaine and Crime; Lord Peter - Cricket Spectator, The Virgil Quotation; Harriet's Trips Abroad; Harriet Vane - Sportswoman; Peter and Harriet's Possessions

Volume XXXIX (£2.00)
Introduction by Lenelle Davis
The Elusive Simon by Peter Ibbotson; Royal Navy and DLS; Aviation in the LPW Era; Ayrshire Railways, Then and Now; DLS and the Great North Road; Bells of Fenchurch Street; Handguns and LPW: Sayers and the Double-Barrel; Inspector Craikes of Stapley; Lubbock's Letter - another Chronological Problem; DLS and her Crime

Volume XL (£3.00)
Introduction by Marjorie Mead
Punting, Oxford and Sayers by J Simeone. L. Davis and J Seres- map by S Fambely; Wimsey at the Savoy by G Noble; Themes and Variations - some Musical Observations - LPW's Taste - Popular Songs - Music and Bournemouth; Thoughts on various subjects: Advertising, Gambling, Garages, Seaside Resorts: Poisons: Cumbria: Soldiers - Aspects of LPW and Harriet: Nervous Attacks, Sports, Belgium, Food, Talboys by P Scowcroft and P Ibbottson; DLS and her Crimewriter Contemporaries - R A Freeman; John Rhode

Volume XLI (£3.00)
Introduction by Stephanie Domm
The Master Key - Centenary Year Prize Story by Becky Stratton; Harriet Vane - Author and Speaker by Philip L Scowcroft; Dorothy Sayers - Lord Peter and places (Bloomsbury,: Holiday Resorts; British Locations: Worcestershire) by B J Rahn & Philip Scowcroft; Whose Body? - Some Matters Arising, (G H Lorimer; The Wicks Correspondence; Chronological Problems)by Mark Venrick, Christopher Dean & Philip Scowcroft; Dorothy L Sayers and her Crimewriter Contemporaries (Anthony Berkley: S S Van Dine) by Philip L Scowcroft. Some Stray Thoughts on Sayers and her Writings (Inspector Sugg; Gaudy Night; Ner-a-car; The Prophetess; The Spy Story; Scots Characters; Five Red Herrings) by Philip Scowcroft

Volume XLII (£1.00)
Introduction by Birgitta Bergland
GN ,some observations by P Scowcroft and L Davis; Reflections on DLS by P Ibbotson, B Pike W Sergeant and N Simeone; Concerning two women - Characters by L Davis and J Simeone; In Harriet's Footsteps by L Davis, J Seres, S Fambely and K Ashcroft- Further Thoughts by P Scowcroft

Volume XLIII (£1.00)
Introduction by David Doughan
Shorter Fiction by G Lee; Sayers and her Literary Agent by J R Christopher; Harriet Vane and other Female Characters by K A Ackley, P Ibbottson and P Scowcroft; DLS and her Crimewriter Contemporaries by P Scowcroft; Here and There by P Scowcroft; A Whimsical Tale by P Ibbottson: Some Minor Mysteries by C Wain, G Noble and P Scowcroft: Concerning Domestic and Personal Matters in Sayers' Fiction by P Scowcroft.

Volume XLIV
Dedicated to Ralph L. Clarke President Emeritus
Introduction by Barbara Reynolds

Poem for Ralph by P de Voil; Lord Peter made me do it: Some notes on LPW as Harlequin by S P Clarke; DLS and the Hazlett Connection by G Lee; Sayers' Wartime Poetry by R Hone; The Portraits of DLS by B Pike; On Writing Sidelights by G Noble; 601 Squadron and Viscount St George by C Dean; Thoughts on Various Subjects (Viscount St George, a married man - Sayers and the Victorians - A Day out - Detective Story Enthusiasts in Sayers' Fiction by P Scowcroft; Sleuthing with Sayers by C R Simpson; Illustrated

Volume XLV (£1.00)
Introduction by Anne Roberts
Points of Law by C Wain and P Scowcroft; Concerning Police Officers by K Ashcroft and P Scowcroft: DLS and her- Crimewriter Contemporaries by P Scowcroft; War and the Novels by G Noble and P Scowcroft; A Slow Hunt in three parts by C Dean; More thoughts on DLS by P Scowcroft: Transport in the Novels by P Scowcroft; Sports and Pastimes by P Scowcroft; More Musical Notes by P Scowcroft; Some Literacy Items by P Scowcroft.

Volume XLVI (£1.00)
Introduction by Kate Ashcroft
Thrones, Dominations by Jill Paton Walsh; Rediscovering the Counties by Philip Scowcroft; All Quiet on the Home Front by Chris Willis; Detectives and Detection by Philip Scowcroft; Lord Peter and Lord Louis by Geoffrey Noble; DLS and her Crimewriter contemporaries by Philip Scowcroft, Some Trifling Questions by Geoffrey Noble and Philip Scowcroft

Volume XLVII (£1.00)
Introduction by Marianne Van Hoeven
'Suspicion in the SCR' by Chris Willis
'Clouds of Witness' by Wayne Swift
'The 10.50 to Salisbury' by Christopher Dean
Escaping 'The Thraldom of Formula' by Malcolm Turnbull
Ernest Bramah and DLS by Geraldine Perriam
Aspects of Sayers' Fiction by P Scowcroft
Sentimental Tosh, But All Too True by Christopher Wain
Characters in the Novels by P Scowcroft

Volume XLVIII (£1.00)
Introduction by Christine R. Simpson
Maps in DLS' FIVE and Freeman Wills Crofts' "Sir John Magill's Last Journey" by G Perriam and Paul Bishop
Another Mysterious Affair at Styles by C Dean
Reflections on the Novels by P Scowcroft
The Dedication of the Mind of the Maker by John Thurmer
Papers at AGM 1998 -- C Dean and Michael Clarkson
More Thoughts on LPW by P Scowcroft
Harriet Wimsically Seeking Peter by C Wain
Miscellany from DLS' Fiction by P Scowcroft

Volume XLIX

Volume L


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