How To Get "The Wimsey Papers": Two Easy Ways

From the Dorothy L. Sayers Society

The Wimsey Papers may be obtained from the Archivist of the DLS Society, Bunty Parkinson. Her address is:

They prefer that you write and ask for the papers, which they will then photocopy and send to you along with the bill. They had been billing for $3.50 for photocopying and mailing, but lately the price appears to have gone up to $5.00.

I believe that they only copy the papers for members of the DLS Society. The Membership Secretary is Lenelle Davis. Her address is:

Membership is $28 per year, running from January 1 through December 31. They pro-rate the amount if one joins in the middle of the year.

Via Inter-Library Loan

Inter-Library Loan (ILL) Information:

It is considered "fair use" to make a set of photocopies for your personal use.

Note: I don't know if ILL is the term used outside of the United States for obtaining information from libraries other than one's own, but all the publication information, obviously, does not change.


DLS Society information provided by Pat Carter (Alice Weatherall).

ILL information provided by Cindy Lauricella (Gerda Bellingham).